Platform of the Browser


An interesting Hacker News story made it’s round today, declare TypeScript Victorious. Honestly I thought TypeScript was JS for Java developers. However Angular 2.0 adopted it, which was interesting… I tought because Angular 2 was so different than Anagular 1.0, that it’ll die. Learning Python currently and this reminds me of the Python 3, Python 2 shift… maybe they will … Read More

What is the first thing you need to understand as a new Web Developer?


I think the first thing you need to understand as a new Web Developer is that you can do it! As in, it’s just code. And Code is just Text. And you can read. so you Can Code. Basically, web development is mostly transparent. 98% of everything can be quickly de-mystified. You can go to any cool website you see, … Read More

Websites vs WebApps?


What’s the difference between websites and webapps? Websites are static. This could be like a website for local business. WebApps has a backend, a database, or a highly interactive front-end. It’s more than a glorified online brochure.