Blogging Everyday

My wife tells me I haven’t been blogging everyday. Thanks hun for the accountability 🙂

It’s hard to establish a daily habit. Being sick recently doesn’t help.

So I’ve decided to wake up at 7:30am now, and after a game of VainGlory to insure I stay away, nothing after that is really consistent.


So I’m reading book “Sleep Smarter” right now.

Great book.

It talks about optimizely getting your Caffeine intake. He says you should cycle your intake, as to not get addicted. Something like 2 days on, 3 days off. Very interesting.

I find myself very groggy in the morning, will take me 2 hours to get my barrings. Even though I’m paranoid about getting addicted to coffee… I am surprised by all the health benefits of coffee/caffeine… just have to intake it without getting addicted?

This might be a future regret. :p


Breakfast Food

I see a lot of successful people with successful morning routines have a solid go-to breakfast food.

I’m still looking for mine.

Currently it’s a Veggie burger, but i’m worried it makes me more tired than I need to be…

The search continues…