What to do today?

Inspired by Todd Herman (who got it from Jack Dorsey), I am having a theme for today.

Today is sharpening the saw day. Ala the 7th Habit.

Pretty inexperience with such things. Was very tense the whole day, like I should be working. But I usually get like that when stuck with something with work.

Got to get use to relaxing, and being inspired.


I haven’t blogged in a bit. Oops… dang I didn’t even noticed…

Busy weekend, followed by flu-like symptoms. (Father & Evan)

I was reading this about Elon Musk. Talk about knowing what you want to do at an early age… man… this guy is aligned.

Too much “Flipboard” and “Hacker News” … all these companies doing things…

I just gotta take more action.

Time is the most valuable asset.

The most valuable asset is time.

That’s why time management is so popular. I’m currently reading the book “The Time Paradox” recommended by Derek Sivers.

It says that we are more time conscious because we as a society hardly make things anymore. We are on the clock. Hence, for a manager to increase profits, it has to increase productivity.

Hence, productivity and time management is intertwined. Productivity means producing more value in a given time span.


So I say this, enjoy your life, but if you have to work anyway, work towards freeing up your time, so you can enjoy more of life…