Slept at 10:30 last night, feeling good.

Trump became GOP nominee, crazy… I remember going to a “Wealth Expo” maybe 8 years ago, saw Trump speak. The crowd, including myself started saying “Trump for President” lol, not sure who started the chant.

Maybe it’s law of attraction or something.

It’s going to be one ugly general.

Government and the Economy

I’ve been watching the great youtube series “School of Life” (usually while eating šŸ™‚

Talks a lot about systems of economy and government…

Capitalism takes advantage of human greed, at the expense of the everyday laborer and the environment.

Pure Communism just doesn’t work. Although the ideas of Communism are interesting. Like how one should be able to do the work that makes them happy, basically whatever they want.

Capitalism + Socialism is I think where most modern economies are at. I love if we can have a Basic Income like Sweden. Like I wrote previously I think it’ll allow creativity and family to thrive.

I think too much greed is a bad thing. How much money and power should an individual have? I am, worried about a class of ultra-rich people controlling the world, hoping they areĀ benevolent.

Rich countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, United States, can get away with anything. Poorest countries are taken over, raped of resources… so some multi-national can reap Billions.

These industrial complexes are only good for the industrial complexes.

Greed isn’t the answer for sustainability or happiness. It’s too simple of a measure to run our world by. Maybe because it’s simple is why it has worked so well. We need to find something else.

Technology and will of the people will overtake greed, I’m hoping, or else we are all doomed. Maybe not.

I believe in liberty, technology, socialism. The freedom to make money, create art, freedom of communication, as well as taking care of the unable. Our education system is horrendous.

Too much corruption and greed. It’s the poorest in our country that suffers and are taken advantage of.

If you were to rig an election

You’d control the media.

You’d control the voting machines.

Maybe I’ve watched too many conspiracy theories movies.

But maybe truth is stranger than fiction.


The amount of gerrymandering is ridiculous.

The stories of Flint Michigan Water crisis is disheartening…

I was listening to CNN today and they said the Koch Brothers (or a group of similar people) donated $800 million to this election cycle… it makes me wonder, since most of them or Business People, and Business is all about Investments… how are they getting return on their investments?

They must right? No one flushes $800 million down the drain…

Maybe it’s all a facade… if media and the election cycle is just one big facade… I mean Obama got elected, and not much seems to have changed. (Maybe it was because the GOP stopped him at every turn… who knows)

I wonder if it’s all rigged… but maybe it’s a tug of war?