Do I Believe in God

Yes, I do believe in God.

In a God or Gods or what have you… I’m not sure… but I believe in Something.

Jesus? Idk, it’s crazy that, those times┬ájust happened 2000 years ago. We’ve advance technologically so fast in these years, it’s amazing actually.

Exponential growth.

Are we in a Matrix? I think so… it makes sense. Maybe we are in a Matrix, within a Matrix etc. Who know’s where the top is? Would we even know the difference?

We all might be someone’s dream, where a century here is a second.

I was praying today. Because I have no control over my life. Maybe I have complete control over everything and everyone around me? But it doesn’t feel that way. It’s a weird remote control if I actually do have complete control, the controls are very sensitive, movements are subtle and counter-intuitive.

I was praying because I feel like I have no control. That I can do nothing, but let go and hope it’ll work out, if I work on myself and focus on myself.

Let go and Let God. It’s painful to be happy sometimes. It’s like an open-wound, fresh, ready for any sting. Exposed.

Power over Oneself

Personal Power, … Power of oneself…

You will have bad moments, bad feelings…

You will want to be lazy… do nothing…

You will be mad, lash out…

Key is to have control. Power over oneself. meta.