“You are Special.”

“You are a Snow Flake”

As the ending of “The Lego Movie” tells us, we are all special. What sings to us, is ours. It’s unique.

If we do what’s true to us, we will be happy. Would we be wealthy? That’s a different question.

Perhaps compromises must be made. I’m curious to see if past great works, A. Was the Artist satisfied? and B. Was compromises made?

Can an Artist be satisfied and yet make compromises? Maybe a wise one.

Nothing is perfect. ? . ?

Steve Jobs has said “Real Artists Ship!” … hmm maybe? Maybe not… Successful business ships value successfully.

Vincent Van Gogh died penniless. Did he deliver value in his lifetime? Maybe not… but no one can argue he wasn’t an artist.

Starving Artists maybe are Happy Artists… but they don’t deliver value to customers.

Maybe to run a great business… we have to put ourselves second, snuff our passions, “kill our darlings” as Seth Godin would say.