Blogging Everyday

My wife tells me I haven’t been blogging everyday. Thanks hun for the accountability 🙂

It’s hard to establish a daily habit. Being sick recently doesn’t help.

So I’ve decided to wake up at 7:30am now, and after a game of VainGlory to insure I stay away, nothing after that is really consistent.

Good Morning

What a lovely morning.

I haven’t woken up this early (8am) for a while. (Def got off the wagon)

How I did it?

  1. Put myself first.
  2. “Sleep Alarm” clock.

Also “unwinded” after midnight… aka just read, but to be honest, I prolly slept too late.

Morning Leader

I’ve been waking up in the morning the past couple weeks. It started at 7:15am now it’s 6:30am.

I use this iOS app called “Sleep Cycle” that wakes me up between 6-6:30am depending on the movement it detects. (I set phone to “airplane” mode, and put it underneath my pillow *warning* fire hazard)

This way it’s suppose to wake you up, exactly when your 90 minute sleep cycle ends.


My family joined me today. So it’s working. I lead them into the darkness and we became bats. They woke up at 8am today. 🙂


So I’m reading book “Sleep Smarter” right now.

Great book.

It talks about optimizely getting your Caffeine intake. He says you should cycle your intake, as to not get addicted. Something like 2 days on, 3 days off. Very interesting.

I find myself very groggy in the morning, will take me 2 hours to get my barrings. Even though I’m paranoid about getting addicted to coffee… I am surprised by all the health benefits of coffee/caffeine… just have to intake it without getting addicted?

This might be a future regret. :p