First Chrome Extension Installed on a New Browser


Update: Thanks to ThisAsYou on Reddit, brought to my attention that LastPass has lots of vulnerabilities. So I will most likely switch off of them to something else. Perhaps 1Password. —- So I’m trying out Vivaldi which is a “power-browser” (highly customizable) browser built by a co-founder of Opera browser, built on top of Chrome. The biggest selling point for me … Read More

Don’t Forget the Mundane or Super Important Things with these 2 Apps


TL;DR – Check out HomeRoutines and Due for routines and reminders if you are highly forgetful. As a person with ADHD, we tend to get carried away when we’re hyper-focused. Where did the time go? Who knows. Bunny rabbits. I was trying out some apps recently I got from this list and two that are really beneficial are called HomeRoutines and Due.