Limit Daily Decisions

One of your greatest asset is your creativity, your thinking. Don’t waste this resource constantly deciding the same things over and over again.

One of the things we are trying in my household is creating a calendar of chores for the day. Like Sun, Tue, Fri are Trash days. Monday is dishes (make sure it’s all washed). Wednesday is Laundry.

I love not having to think, and we have a cleaner household.

Cleaning the House

For some reason I never learned how to properly clean. How to clean or what products & tools to use? No clue.

Good thing there’s this thing called “information out there”, and books.

The book I’m using as my guide is “Get Your House Clean Now“, best $4 ever spent. Saved me lots of time and money right away.

Taught what vacuum cleaner to buy, and what cleaning products to buy, what mop to buy… it’s like the book “GTD” but for cleaning your house.

Blogging Everyday

My wife tells me I haven’t been blogging everyday. Thanks hun for the accountability 🙂

It’s hard to establish a daily habit. Being sick recently doesn’t help.

So I’ve decided to wake up at 7:30am now, and after a game of VainGlory to insure I stay away, nothing after that is really consistent.

Keep Trucking

Got to wake up, put on your proverbial socks, drink your eggs, and do the work.

The fruits aren’t guaranteed, “the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with.” Keep Trucking.

Power Hour

New morning routine after waking up at 7:15

Play VainGlory, either on the treadmill or without. This is to give me a reward for waking up, and it helps me stay away! Maybe this will change later once I start waking up and staying awake effortlessly.

Eat, make myself a veggie burger… so far only thing I found that was easy to make & fulfilling in the morning that doesn’t make me feel like sh*t. (eggs makes me feel terrible)

Read/Watch news while I eat. Get my does of CNN/MSNBC/FOX?

Pomo 1 – Review my “One Thing”. Write my Daily Blog Post.

Pomo 2 –

Pomo 3 – Do my one thing? Maybe get to work…

Winter Solstice vs Summer Solstice

I’m trying to figure out what’s the ideal times to wake up & work, to soak up the most Sunlight… which I’m regarding as a precious resource.

I even want to move closer to the equator (North Carolina perhaps) to get more Sunlight… but I realize that since I’m a bat, I’m not even optimizing the amount of sunlight I get here in Massachusetts.

During the shortest day of the year (Dec 21, Winter Solstice) here in Massachusetts we only get 9 hours and 5 mins of sunlight.

During the longest day, (June 21, Summer Solstice), you’d get 15 hours and 15 minutes of Sunlight here… whoa what a huge difference!

If I was living on the equator, like say Singapore, I’ll get roughly the same amount of sunlight and daylight everyday, (12 hours) It’s like Equinox everyday! (Equinox means daylight and nighttime is equal in length)

If I want to develop a lifelong habit, and I currently live here, it seems to make sense to me to wake up by 7:15am everyday, to insure I’m always waking up when it’s brightest. Wish me luck!