Time Traveler

What would you see, if you were a Time Traveler.

As you look into your Son’s eyes. Perhaps your unborn.

You see the good times, your memories you’ve yet had.

Your past is your future memories. You’re loved ones are your loves ones for all of time. Your moments with them is what’s life’s about.

Cherish your present with them.

Robots and Basic Income

I think we all should have a basic income because robots, computers and technology is going to make most jobs obsolete.

That means raising taxes on big companies, if you want to be the handful of ultra successful companies, you have to pay taxes.

I think this gives people incentive to be creative. Also more time to spend with their kids to raise successful adults?

There’s probably lots of holes in this theory…

iPhone SE

Apple has too many phones.

The elegant grid of

Home Pro


is no more…

I think people like Apple products because they are simple. Now picking a phone consists of 5 choices… iPhone 6 S plus, iPhone 6 S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone SE

Granted, a couple of these phones are older models, they are putting profits ahead of simplicity… it’ll eventually erode them.

There software is slowly degrading… when they stress there resources thin…

Prediction, if they don’t get back to their simple roots, they are doomed in 10 years, as the competition catches up to them, and they become more and more like their competitions.