Thoughts on Progressive Web Apps


I was just watching some Google I/O 2016 videos and had some thoughts. “Progressive Web Apps” seems to be a new buzz words, from my understanding it means, the latest/greatest web-apps leveraging new web platforms apis… for a better user experience. Web-Apps that are more useful, more like Native Apps i guess. One of the biggest api in “Progressive Web … Read More

Python/Django, Swift, iOS Apps Developer & Front-End Engineer


So knowing what you are, is also knowing what you aren’t. Know thyself. I’m an Applications Developer. Maybe Front-End, I like to see myself in the middle-tier. I use libraries and leverage frameworks. Sit on shoulders of many open-source developers, engineers, architects, I am sure.

How to be Wealthy Programmer


There’s a few avenues open to you as an experience developer. You can get a 6 Figures Job, as a Senior Engineer. You can have a successful Freelance career, that has multitudes of life-style choices and options. This include Mai-Tai’s in Mexico, or even running a successful Agency. You can build that Freelance career into an Agency. You can have … Read More