Do I Believe in God

Yes, I do believe in God.

In a God or Gods or what have you… I’m not sure… but I believe in Something.

Jesus? Idk, it’s crazy that, those times┬ájust happened 2000 years ago. We’ve advance technologically so fast in these years, it’s amazing actually.

Exponential growth.

Are we in a Matrix? I think so… it makes sense. Maybe we are in a Matrix, within a Matrix etc. Who know’s where the top is? Would we even know the difference?

We all might be someone’s dream, where a century here is a second.

I was praying today. Because I have no control over my life. Maybe I have complete control over everything and everyone around me? But it doesn’t feel that way. It’s a weird remote control if I actually do have complete control, the controls are very sensitive, movements are subtle and counter-intuitive.

I was praying because I feel like I have no control. That I can do nothing, but let go and hope it’ll work out, if I work on myself and focus on myself.

Let go and Let God. It’s painful to be happy sometimes. It’s like an open-wound, fresh, ready for any sting. Exposed.