Launch of

It’s 4am here currently in Worcester, MA (Northeast United States)

I have just launched (launched being an over-statement)

I actually did the following:

  1. Wanted to create an App that help me take action everyday to market my various sites.
  2. Started coming up with names using and various domain tools.
  3. OMG!?! is available? Awesome… should I get it? … proceed to over-analyse/stall for 20 minutes…
  4. Opened up the google keyword tool to get some justification…
  5. Decided to buy it! Fits my personal success profile. (Kolbe-A Index)

I’m excited to share this journey with you. TrafficHabits will be a free app that’ll help you take action everyday to grow your business. TrafficHabits blog will track the creation of this site, as well as my other activities.

Okay so what did I do next?

  1. Bought the name using using coupon code.
  2. Bought 12-month Managed WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy (I know GoDaddy has a bad rap, and I would never buy a domain from them (because you should keep your domains and hosting separate), but they actually offer the best price on managed wordpress hosting) coupon code cjcrmn1hos to get 12 months of managed wordpress hosting for $12 …
  3. Linked Namecheap domain -to-> GoDaddy hosting
  4. Started writing this blog!
  5. Set-up a Trello board for blog ideas, todo…


  • Set-up free email forwarding for my domain using Zoho to my Gmail (running out of slots, will have to move to paid email hosting soon)
  • Set-up a Twitter account.

Complete Knowledge

How to overcome information overload?

A notion that helped me restrain my obsessive thirst for new knowledge was the idea that, you already know everything you need to.

Your day is complete. You are not wanting. There are no gaps, there are no holes.

I think that’s why it’s so hard to “change” people. People are complete. Their understanding of the world is complete. You can’t change them.

This abundance mindset, will be more productive than a mindset of scarcity, of a mind that’s always searching.

Maybe we kid ourselves by learning, we are just getting shots of dopamine, when we should be in a trance of action.

So you already know everything you need to know. New knowledge simply alters some part of your life strategy, at most it’ll change some parts of it. At the end, it’ll still leave you complete though.

Anything that requires new knowledge, will be acquired justly. It will come to you easier because you are craving.

So just focus on the doing. Cause you already know what that is, and what you have to do next.

Productivity – First Things

So you want to be more productive? Where do you start?

I think you should start with goals. Or depending your your personality, What problems do you want to solve?

It sounds very basic, but just like everything, great things are derived from fundamentals. The foundation of your success.

What do you want to be productive doing? Write it down. Keep it in mind. Get motivated.

Why must you reach your goal? Why must you solve that problem?

Potent Future Manifesto

Hello Productivity Seeker,

My name is <a title=”Quang’s Twitter” href=””>Quang Van</a>, and my purpose in life is to create the future in order to raise human potential.

I am a GTD-junkie that is borderline obsessive. I’m always thinking about the future, I have a million ideas, my mind feels like it’s going a mile a minute sometimes. I am always in search of ways to increase my productivity and if I can’t find a tool I like, I will create them myself.

Recently after completing the <a title=”Kolbe A Index” href=””>Kolbe A Index</a> Profile, I realize that maybe I am unique, and that there’s other people out there like me that would benefit from these tools.

In so doing, I hope to find others like me, and create software for you.