What to do today?

Inspired by Todd Herman (who got it from Jack Dorsey), I am having a theme for today.

Today is sharpening the saw day. Ala the 7th Habit.

Pretty inexperience with such things. Was very tense the whole day, like I should be working. But I usually get like that when stuck with something with work.

Got to get use to relaxing, and being inspired.


What happens when your system gets overflowed?

A paper run out of lines… a todo list jammed packed with hundreds or thousands of past intentions…

Email box full.

Overflow leads to overwhelmed.

Your organization system shouldn’t overwhelm you. It should handle overflow.

An Outlet

An outlet for your creativity.

Some people cook, some people do DIY projects… model airplanes, legos, coloring.

Some people build businesses, build software…

Regardless, everyone needs an outlet for creativity, for them to express themselves.