Stress-Free Success

What is Stress-Free Success?

It’s automatic success. It’s no suffering. It’s happiness & contentment.

There’s something calming about Buddha meditating next to a Bodhi tree.

He is stress-free.

Also sometimes, we can’t meditate all day. There’s a hunger to achieve. This is about finding your purpose and passion.

Combine zen and success, and you have stress-free success.

Apple Over

Sad to see state of Apple. They should buy Netflix already.

The watch is dead, no AI, VR or AR. iPhone 7 is a bust. No cloud.

I’m predicting major free fall of their stock.

They need to cut some of their products, double down on existing ones.

Change Yourself

If you have a bad habit that results in un-desired outcome. Drinking for example, and you DO NOT want to give up that habit completely…

The only thing you can TRY to do is to change yourself.

One Thing

The one thing, the most important thing is love. If Buddha could want anything, I bet it’ll be a wife.

Nothing could fell as great as having somebody always having your back. To love and laugh, to do nothing and being happy.

When something threatens that joy, it’s hard not to be obsessive about removing that obstacle. I’m sorry I can be intense, but nothing is more important than the one thing.

Shortcuts to the Life you Want

Lots of times┬áthe grass isn’t greener.

Recently I was reading a couple of bios of solopreneurs and single founder SAAS companies.

They were still struggling. Small companies, $20-100k a year in revenue. Are they successful? I guess success is in eye of the beholder.

I think for me, true financial freedom begins with at least $2 million in the bank. Easier way to do that quickly would be to build a bigger business ($1-2million a year in revenue) and have talented employees (and co-owners?) to share the work load?

I’m not too sure, but I’m beginning to think all wealth is based on people. You have to talk to your customers, creating great value for them, as well as have a very talented team. Employees, management team, advisors etc.