From CrashPlan to BackBlaze

Since CrashPlan backup service doesn’t support home users anymore, I’ve just finished successfully switched to BackBlaze.

It took 25 days to backup around 800Gigs … so not too bad.

I had just left it running in the background, probably could have gone quicker if I optimized it by playing with settings.

Gladly my hard-drives didn’t die in the month, so now I can feel relief knowing my stuff (family photos/videos etc.) is in the Cloud!

If you don’t have a backup plan, you should totally get one, and I totally recommend BackBlaze.

First Chrome Extension Installed on a New Browser

Update: Thanks to ThisAsYou on Reddit, brought to my attention that LastPass has lots of vulnerabilities. So I will most likely switch off of them to something else. Perhaps 1Password.


So I’m trying out Vivaldi which is a “power-browser” (highly customizable) browser built by a co-founder of Opera browser, built on top of Chrome.

The biggest selling point for me is that it supports Chrome Extensions.

The first browser extension I downloaded and the one extension I couldn’t live without is LastPass.

LastPass is simply amazing. Easily remember and generate secure passwords. Important notes. I even put my credit-card numbers in it… not sure if that’s recommended or not.

Login is a breeze, so quick.

The #1 complaint I hear about password managers from people is that they’re scared to put all their passwords into one place. It’s actually more secure to use different passwords than to use the same (or derivative passwords) on multiple websites.

LastPass encryption is no joke. There’s a better chance of a 3rd party website getting hacked than your LastPass account getting compromised.
Highly recommend LastPass. 1Password is also good, if you aren’t using a password manager, you don’t know what you’re missing.


I use to use 1Password which is also great. Reason I switched to LastPass.



Samsung taking a page from Apple? Uh oh

With Galaxy Note 7, Is Samsung Getting Too Far Ahead Of Apple?

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, only has one model, 64gb. 

It’s very simple to decide which Galaxy Note 7 to get…

The iPhone use to be that simple… Now I have to decide between the regular, plus or pro? GB choices, and color… more skus…

I think technology is meant to make our lives simpler, not more complicated.