Maybe there’s no such thing as Art?

Art is on a pedestal.

Do we put Art on a pedestal?

WTF is artistic integrity, selling out etc. Is it merely doing something we don’t want to do? Maybe that’s just called integrity…

When you make yourself a bowl of cereal are you doing Art? Does that depend on your canvas (Maybe you are a pastry chef)

When I’m programming, is it Art or Work?

Maybe Art doesn’t exist… maybe it’s just “The Work”.

Not enough Time

Today I’m feeling that there’s not enough time. I know that’s ridiculous, not the feeling but the idea that there isn’t enough time.

Lots of balls in the air… two kids, food needs to be put on the table, flailing freelance business… product/saas business ┬ástill in idea phase.


I am relieved to know that everyone has the same amount of time as I…

Keep Trucking

Got to wake up, put on your proverbial socks, drink your eggs, and do the work.

The fruits aren’t guaranteed, “the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with.” Keep Trucking.

3 Fields of Personal Success

Mental, Emotional & Physical.


You have to think positively. Don’t be a negative pessimist. Believe in hope. Realize other people has been in worse shape and has gone to surpass your wildest dreams.


The most important. You have to control your emotions. Be attuned to the emotions of others (relationships). Without mastery of your emotions, your happiness will fluctuate greatly. You won’t accomplish much.

This is the will power to not let other people ruin your day. This is the conviction that you can do it. This is the skill to not get overwhelmed.

Emotional mastery is the most important out of the three.

Physical Health

You need to be vibrant to feel truly alive. Control what you eat, drink enough water, get enough sleep. Your body’s a temple.

This is your foundation. You need the energy to help regulate your emotions and your life.

Anthony Robbins has a concept called The Triad.

Anthony Robbins Triad

You can use this to Master your Emotions.

You need all Three

You need to have moderates amounts of Mental and Physical Strength, and Ideally lots of Emotional Strength.

Any area too weak, and you won’t live up to your potential.

What to Blog About?

So I was just thinking, since I am going to be blogging everyday now.

What should I blog about?

So I concluded with, I should write the Post, that if I died today, I’m glad I wrote it.


I would say if I died today, I want to past on lessons to my Sons, that would apply to other people as well.

I would say to them, you were born naked – Steve Jobs

You can choose to be happy, you aren’t married to the circumstances of your life, life is what you make it.

Don’t just follow your dreams, but choose to be happy while pursuing your dreams. Don’t let your happiness be based on results. Base your happiness on what you put into your actions. Be happy with the work that you did today.

Go to sleep in peace, with knowing you were a good person today. If you wasn’t than be sure to be a good person tomorrow.

Whatever you do, don’t settle for being sad or miserable… life’s too short, choose to be happy.