The Perfect Name


What’s with us and choosing the perfect name? For me, I feel like the perfect name speaks for itself. That’s why I spend so much time on it. That’s why I think about it while sleeping. That’s why I spend so much time doing “market research”. A perfect name, speaks volumes. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. Maybe … Read More

RIP ZenOverflow

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In life, things come and go, life & death. The reason I started this blog was because of¬†Seth Godin, recommendation to write everyday¬†and Steven Pressfield’s influential War of Art. I was doing pretty good with blogging everyday from March 2016 to June 2016? So you cay say, it was 60 days of writing and publishing your thoughts everyday. I also … Read More

Let them Chase You


One tip I got to land clients is… “let them chase you”, aka… play hard to get… It makes you seem scarce. Busy… important. Boy, gotta land new clients soon though.

Slow Growth


After watching Dan Martell videos on Start-up Life / Culture… I think I might prefer slow growth… Maybe slow passion project growth and/or slow private business growth… Slow and steady, wins the race.



Preparation. Prepare to succeed. What do you prepare for? As I am currently preparing to take a placement test for a Top Agency I am applying to, I am using all the preparation advice I’ve heard over the years. Get a good night sleep. (opps on this, hopefully I can get some shut eye before the test) Eat well. Have … Read More



“You are Special.” “You are a Snow Flake” As the ending of “The Lego Movie” tells us, we are all special. What sings to us, is ours. It’s unique. If we do what’s true to us, we will be happy. Would we be wealthy? That’s a different question. Perhaps compromises must be made. I’m curious to see if past great … Read More