Less Focus

Okay so I didn’t stick with the name ZenSaaS. Typical. I have tons of domain names that I do not use.

I changed domain names again. If you reading this on March 2017, the current moniker is “Less Focus”.

Because focus is a problem for me. Well it’s something to be managed at least.

I think I have ADHD-PI.

What is ADHD-PI?

It stands for attention-deficit hyper-active disorder predominantly inattentive. This use to be just called ADD. Meaning I have the AD part without the HD. Meaning I have my heads in the clouds a lot, day dreams a lot, and lose track of time a lot.

I’m also forgetful, bad with names, bad with dates / times. Mind’s always busy & restless.

How did I discover this?

I was doing some market research for OrgNote. Looking at who uses similar products. And I found the ADHD community are really into productivity tools.

So am I!

The more I read up on ADHD and it’s affects, the more I saw myself. It wasn’t even that surprising reading some of the things. Because I lived it, so it seems normal.

But I guess it’s not “normal”.

Things to Do

  1. Get a proper diagnosis.
  2. Learn how to tame this gift.

Hopefully I “stick with it”, (the discovery stuff) and blog more about it here, in the “Less Focus” blog, my journey of productivity, entrepreneurship & add.

An Outlet

An outlet for your creativity.

Some people cook, some people do DIY projects… model airplanes, legos, coloring.

Some people build businesses, build software…

Regardless, everyone needs an outlet for creativity, for them to express themselves.

Limit Daily Decisions

One of your greatest asset is your creativity, your thinking. Don’t waste this resource constantly deciding the same things over and over again.

One of the things we are trying in my household is creating a calendar of chores for the day. Like Sun, Tue, Fri are Trash days. Monday is dishes (make sure it’s all washed). Wednesday is Laundry.

I love not having to think, and we have a cleaner household.