Happy New Year!

I wanted to write something. Less Focus is more important now than ever. With the constant false values of everyday life. Media and material driven.

I’m reading (audible) great book right now called “Lost Connections” by Johann Hari. I found this via Blinkist.

The book is about depression, why we get depressed, and how to get happy again.

The fact that I’m reading a book about depression, goes to show you what the end of 2018 has been like. Really Q4 2018 (I think my mind works better in quarters.)

My TalkSpace counselor says that holidays are a stressful time for a lot people. Sage words.

This brings me back to Less Focus.

When There’s too much going on, when you feel overwhelmed, most likely you are spending too much time, energy, resources on the wrong things.

You need to do less. You need to focus on the things that matter. You need to focus on emptiness. You need that peace of impermanence.

My 2019 brings lots of joy to you and yours. It’s the start of your brand new life.

What’s going on?

I can’t believe it’s been more than 6 months since my last blog post. An apology to myself… but what have I been doing?

I’ve been working on OrgNote. My magnum opus.

I felt I couldn’t write, and sufficiently focus on OrgNote at the same time.

It’s all about focus after all…

Update on OrgNote

So where are we with OrgNote? I’ve been focusing on the soul, aka data structure of notes. All back-end… it actually doesn’t seem like I got a lot accomplished.

But I think I’m close… to the feeling of euphoria of inventing this something that hopefully scratches more than just my itch.

What’s the most important thing?

Do you have to give up your life, for your art?

What’s more important, your life’s work? Or your life?

I’m going to continue development of OrgNote, I think I owe everyone, including myself, that much.

The foundation is there, the whisper of maybe something, maybe.

From CrashPlan to BackBlaze

Since CrashPlan backup service doesn’t support home users anymore, I’ve just finished successfully switched to BackBlaze.

It took 25 days to backup around 800Gigs … so not too bad.

I had just left it running in the background, probably could have gone quicker if I optimized it by playing with settings.

Gladly my hard-drives didn’t die in the month, so now I can feel relief knowing my stuff (family photos/videos etc.) is in the Cloud!

If you don’t have a backup plan, you should totally get one, and I totally recommend BackBlaze.

Easy Tip: How to remember where you Parked your Car

Who hasn’t forgotten where they parked and spent 10-15 minutes walking around the parking lot aimlessly looking for your car, pressing the button on your key fab…

Okay maybe only those of us with ADHD have it worse than most.

Here’s the 1 tip, that I use to remember where I parked. I have not wasted time looking for my car since.

#1 Strategy: Always park directly parallel to the front door.

Meaning a direct line of site, from the front door.

This means sometimes you’d have to park a little farther away. (A little more walking wouldn’t hurt!)

This way when you leave the store with your goodies, you know exactly where to look. You just go straight.

I have never spent >10mins walking around the parking lot looking for my car since I’ve adopted this strategy.

Tell me your thoughts? Do you also have a hard time finding your car?

Bonus tip: If you are parking in a garage, write down where you parked (usually there’s a posting of where you are in the garage somewhere), write it in Notes app in your phone.

So I’ve Blogged Again

Whoa, can’t believe I haven’t blogged since May!

Lots have happened since then, the biggest news is my 4-year old went to his first day of pre-k this week!

Hooray, so proud of him.

Also, I’ve been putting my nose to the grind stone on OrgNote. I hope to be in the position to complete the prototype soon! But sadly most likely not going to be available for awhile, perhaps a year, but ASAP! 😏

The reason I felt compelled to blog was that I wanted to share this great book called “The Power of When” by Dr. Michael Breus.

I’ll do a write up of the book soon.

Prioritize Finishing

When you have ADHD, your mind is a mile a minute. You always have a bunch of stuff you want to do.

You should only do one thing at a time.

At the beginning of the day, and you are trying to figure out what to do. Prioritized tasks or projects already started that has to do with your one thing.

Finish those that are almost done.