Businesses serves humans

Lots of SaaS, services other businesses. I was thinking, is all business a multi-level pyramid. Businesses, just helping other businesses “get rich”.

But then I realized all B2B businesses, server businesses that are B2C.

Businesses at the top (or the bottom) always ends up serving customers.

So what do humans need? Why do they buy? Well it’s a separation of concern thing. We buy mostly everything, it’s because our jobs are specialized.

Why do we buy? I think we mostly buy because of:

  1. Survival – gotta eat.
  2. Social pressures – we are social animals, got to keep up with the Joneses. This is for social status, which boils down to sex. Survival.
  3. Energy conservation – we buy things that increases our productivity (more output for less energy/time.) This could fall into survival.
  4. Pleasure, boredom. Our mind wanders, with all this free time. Entertainment.

So basically humans buy for survival, and entertainment.

All businesses serve our needs for survival and entertainment.