Don’t Forget the Mundane or Super Important Things with these 2 Apps

TL;DR – Check out HomeRoutines and Due for routines and reminders if you are highly forgetful.

As a person with ADHD, we tend to get carried away when we’re hyper-focused. Where did the time go? Who knows. Bunny rabbits.

I was trying out some apps recently I got from this list and two that are really beneficial are called HomeRoutines and Due.

HomeRoutines – Routines and Rituals

Okay at first I admit, it seems like an App for stay at home moms, (which I am not. I am a stay at home Dad 🙂 So I was reluctant to try it out. But I am glad I did.

It’s the best routines and rituals app I’ve used. When you have ADHD you need HELP remembering stuff. I forget to do things like eating lunch.

The cool part about this app is the routines automatically resets.

So you can add routines that resets daily, weekly or monthly.

This is great, and better than a ToDo list for repeated tasks (aka routines & rituals) because if you forget to do something one day, it doesn’t sit in your todo list and makes you feel bad. You wake up every morning with a fresh set of items to do for the day.

I also like the home focus. It has great initial presets… and you can divide your home into zones to clean. Oh so they recommend you vacuum once a week. Makes sense!

Due – Don’t let me forget!

So the average reminder app isn’t good enough for us. You mean you are only going to remind me once, twice, at most three times? What if I don’t have my phone on me? Opps, appointment missed


We can’t even find our phones half the time, so a single reminder 5 mins before an event isn’t going to help us that much.

That’s where Due comes in. It pops up a notification every 5 minutes until you tell it to stop. Basically bugs the heck out of you. Hah. (You can customize this, to 10, 15, 30, hour)

For example if you have a meeting at 4pm, you can set a reminder for 3:15pm and it’ll remind you every 5 minutes. (yeah I can set to exactly 4pm, but for important stuff I recommend setting it earlier so you actually have time to catch the notification pop-up.)

It can be a little excessive, and I wish it had a “reset after midnight” setting similar to HomeRoutines, but when you absolutely have to remember to do something, I put it in Due.

p.s. There’s also BugMe! Stickies that has both a pro/free version, but I have not reviewed it yet.


These two apps have been great. For everyday ritual/routines stuff I use HomeRoutines, and for things I don’t want to forget, I put in Due.

I’m also working on a ToDos/Notes/Journal app as well, for the daily brain dumps, conversion to ToDos or add to specific notebook for later. Check it out here.