Shortcuts to the Life you Want

Lots of times┬áthe grass isn’t greener.

Recently I was reading a couple of bios of solopreneurs and single founder SAAS companies.

They were still struggling. Small companies, $20-100k a year in revenue. Are they successful? I guess success is in eye of the beholder.

I think for me, true financial freedom begins with at least $2 million in the bank. Easier way to do that quickly would be to build a bigger business ($1-2million a year in revenue) and have talented employees (and co-owners?) to share the work load?

I’m not too sure, but I’m beginning to think all wealth is based on people. You have to talk to your customers, creating great value for them, as well as have a very talented team. Employees, management team, advisors etc.

Wu Wei

Wu Wei, meaning do-nothing doing.

I guess I kinda live this philosophy.

Effortless effort.

I try to waste little effort. To be calmly productive.

Peaceful action.

No need for stress. Try to do only things you enjoy. Try to make the unenjoyable or monotonous enjoyable.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day.

I’m reminded of things I am grateful for today.

I have a gratitude list that puts me in a serene mood.

Daily Gratitude
– Kim Anh
– Evan & Benjamin
– Mom & Dad
– Loc, Linda, Khoa, Thien, Giang
– Here & Now

– America
– Internet
– Freedom
– Liberty

– The Opportunity
– Intelligence
– Purpose & Drive
– Vision

– the Past
– Special
– Lucky

Addiction and Self-Control

Are you in control of your life? There’s things you can’t control, like your environment. But are you in control of your actions?

Self-Control is key to a life actualized.

If you don’t have self-control, you are a slave to your past habits and conditioning. I think few people actually mindfully choose their conditioning or habits.

They get their habits from their parents, family, friends, environment. Do you ever look within yourself and ask, “Who do I want to be?”, “How do I want to act?”.

Sadly most people do not, they think they are powerless… they think it’s of no use.

If you aren’t in control of yourself, you are simply letting your environment and other people control you.