I missed a day!

So usually I write my blog post first thing in the day. Lots of times I don’t know what to write, till I write it… I guess I’m a very intuitive type of guy.

So we celebrated my Mom’s 60th birthday was last Sunday. Loads of fun. I will be focusing and remembering it for a bit. Exercising in appreciating the Past, in hopes to be more Past Positive.

The new sleeping schedule is working out nicely… waking up “late” now is 10:30-ish … “on-time” is 6-6:30… but if I’m casually late like today it’s 8-9 so still plenty of sunlight. Way better than 2pm…

Sleep time is better too. I know that after 10pm we and the kids are late for bed.

Having a set sleep time is wonderful. It places the day.