Power of Admiration

I was reading a post just now, “20 Transgender Celebrities”, it was totally an BuzzFeed type post… I tend to stay away from those.

However while reading the post, I did have a more sympathy towards LGBT community.

And then I got to thinking why celebrities are such great influencers of public opinion. I think it has to do with Admiration.

We admired them for… being great actors or actresses, musicians and Artists. We sometimes admire their fame.

And so when they stand for something, we have to face that within ourselves, because here was somebody we admire, who society admires… their view-points must be admirable? It’s natural to admire things from people we already admire…

Admiration, a word that has more meaning to me after watching “School Of Life”, I believe it was a Philosophy/Aristotle video. Says that Admiration is the #1 trait you should have about your partner.

Very interesting. Also it says you should let your partner change you.

It’s important because the traits you admire are also the traits you want more of in yourself. If you let people you admire influence you, you are getting better as a person per your own definition.