Beyond Money

Beyond money is power. There’s 3 things people categorized as influential.

  1. Fame
  2. Money
  3. Power

To have money, you first have to be famous (good marketing). Then you have money which you can use for more marketing to get you more popular, and create you more money.

Once you have money, you can gain power. Political power, and then you can actually control the money. (The currency ala debt of nations.)

Scary, you aren’t interested in Fame as much anymore. Media (mass-control) and Currencies, (debt)

ICANN currently controls the internet domain names. It was controlled by the US but since the NSA surveillance revelations, countries  want US to have less power.

It makes me think of a passive power struggle happening right now in the under currents of Business, Finances, Tech, Government. It’s like “House of Cards” or “Game of Thrones”.

There might be a war happening between the Tech Futurists and Old Ways Conservatives happening… then there’s all the Power Men’s (politicians and officials) in the middle?

The freedom of the internet, how long can it last? You see it now with Apple’s case over Cryptography. Cryptography IS Technology. It’s math, it’s beyond human control (as for right now, unless the powers has some secret super computer that can shrink time)

The Government wants to spy on us, to what End? For what purpose? To control us?

Maybe if there is a super secret small but powerful group of People out there, maybe their goal is Order and Control.

They are Powerful, but most likely also have Powerful Enemies. That’s why Secrecy is such a big deal.

America has National Security Secrets. So all these “conspiracy theories”, talking about secret this, secret that… I mean Secrecy is a powerful tool to use… there’s obviously something secret that most people don’t know about.

Maybe that’s why Clinton’s, Kennedy’s of the world have such great difficulty. When you challenge the seating Powers, you pay your dues…

All this kind of seems bleak and scary, but when their minds are about creating countries, or starting wars, $Trillions of Dollars…. they don’t care what us little people do. Let’s just not get steam-rolled.