You never have enough.

I’ve been obsessed with Time lately, how I find it so much more valuable than money. Yet how everyone has the same amount… if you are fortunate enough.

How people sell time. I’m currently consulting, so I currently sell my time, and my past experience for money. It stinks. It’s better than most professions sure, but it’s still not ideal.

The freedom to feel that time is limitless, that’s key. To earn that freedom, all of your needs of life must be met.

But before you reach that point, sacrifices must be made. Hopefully the closest people around you understands this.


I’m amazed how much time I wasted as a youth. I literally did nothing for days. It’s crazy. The amount I get to sleep, whenever, stay up late, whenever… no responsibilities. No on depended on me, to be somewhere, to do something… it was very blissful… yet very unproductive.

Being unproductive is a luxury for those with time to spare. When you have responsibilities (especially to two little darlings and a lovely partner) you aren’t on your own, and you don’t want to be. You signed up for this.

So it’s good to be very very productive, and make sure the work you are doing is building towards something more.

Time is fleeting, so spend it wisely. Waste it as your peril. Enjoy it.