Freedom to think, to do, to act, to believe.

Freedom and Opportunity.

Is too much freedom a bad thing? If you are truly free, you can make up your own mind as to what to do, right now.

The richer you are, the more you have freedom over your time, your emotions… you increases your opportunities in life.

Some say happiness is contentment… maybe happiness is increasing your possibilities, while being grateful of your current situation.

I believe in possibilities. That you can do anything.

Believe in Answers

Believe in Answers.

Believe that Answers are out there.

Because they are.

Believe in Answers and you will find them.

There’s always a way to make things Better.

There’s always somebody whose been worse and have gotten better.

Believing in Answers is the first step towards finding an Answer.

Once you find that Answer, it is Marvelous.

Believe in Answers.

Time and Money

So currently like most people, I’m trading my time for money. 

Key is how to use my time to build an asset that makes me money without time. Aka passive income. 


Oh how I miss the Sun.

It is too dark, when you do not sleep.

You wake and the day is almost over.

Most “days” is lighted by man, while the sun is asleep.

Oh how I miss you Son.

Your smile gives me smile.

You are like the Sun.

Lighting the world as you light up our lives…

We should light each other more often.

Let’s do it together.

Gifts of Fortune

I used to hate being described as lucky.

As a futurist, I believed Lucky is simply “labor under correct knowledge”.

Cultivating a sense of gratitude has made me see how lucky I truly aim. I live as a free American. I can do what I want, say what I want, and have the freedom to pursue happiness in anyway that I want.

I am the 1%

I hated being called lucky, because it seems to apply that I didn’t work hard, or that I’m undeserving… I was simply lucky.

I have to remember that this is all a gift of fortune. Yes, I am extremely Lucky. I should be grateful and say Thanks to the Stars for these Gifts of Fortune.

Enjoy your luck, if you’re lucky. (You are.)