It is all about the Market

Words are powerful.

I’m doing the Fizzle course right now. I’ve been a member for a while, but was always stuck at stage 1… coming up with a Topic.

Basically I know how important a target market is… they are the base of your business. They determine what products you create. If you choose an unprofitable market, your business is toast, no matter how good the idea is.

There was a story I heard, I forgot from who…. maybe Brian Tracy or a some prolific copywriter/marketer…

They asked the prolific marketer: There’s two people, competing to sell lemonade, and each person can have 1 advantage, this could be a box to stand on the shout, “Great Tasting Lemonade”, or a huge sign… what would he pick as an advantage.

He said this, I’d pick one thing, a thirsty crowd.

It’s all about the market.