If you were to rig an election

You’d control the media.

You’d control the voting machines.

Maybe I’ve watched too many conspiracy theories movies.

But maybe truth is stranger than fiction.


The amount of gerrymandering is ridiculous.

The stories of Flint Michigan Water crisis is disheartening…

I was listening to CNN today and they said the Koch Brothers (or a group of similar people) donated $800 million to this election cycle… it makes me wonder, since most of them or Business People, and Business is all about Investments… how are they getting return on their investments?

They must right? No one flushes $800 million down the drain…

Maybe it’s all a facade… if media and the election cycle is just one big facade… I mean Obama got elected, and not much seems to have changed. (Maybe it was because the GOP stopped him at every turn… who knows)

I wonder if it’s all rigged… but maybe it’s a tug of war?