So Good They Can’t Ignore You

I read a great book today. “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport.

Traits of Outstanding Careers:

  • Creativity
  • Impact
  • Control

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Must read if you are thinking about leaving your job or are asking “What to do with my life?” type questions.

The book talks about Career Capital. How you should invest in rare and valuable skills to get your dream job/career.

Makes me thing about Social Capital… Cal then goes on to talk about the trait of Remarketability, which is like social capital. Create “Purple Cows” that is irresistible to talk about.


I was asking it recently, I guess I was lost recently.

I re-joined Fizzle, gotten a mastermind group, joined

I guess what helped me the most was listening to Tim Ferris’ Podcast where he interviews¬†Derek¬†Sivers. I honestly don’t remember any specifics of the interview. Derek just seems like he was living life correctly.