What is Success?

I was just thinking about what it means to be successful.

When does one reach the point where they can proclaim, “I am successful.”?

What if one reaches success… are they then done?

I feel like, if someone is striving to succeed… they will always be striving. They will never be “done”. They will never look at themselves and think they are a success?

Weird thoughts. This was spawn mainly from listening to Podcasts interviews, from my current “heroes”, talking about how they are a failure, or are failing… basically eliminating that notion that they are perfect. That they are successful. They don’t view themselves that way. They aren’t “done”.

So if success is an illusion, if no-one ever feels they are successful, aka, done… then what are we doing?

When we say, we are “trying to be successful”, or “I want to be successful”, what does that even mean?

Is it meaningless?

If not strive for success, than what?