Do What You Love

So I’m currently reading this book. “I Could Do Anything, If I Only Knew What It Was”

My second child, Benjamin Aart Van was born recently. Boy did I forget what it took to raise a newborn. Even less time now, since I have a toddler and a consulting practice to run.

I was having an existential crisis. I was asking questions like what’s the meaning of life. (Remember AR quote, quality of your life is direct proportion to the quality of the questions you ask yourself on a consistent basis)

I realized that wasn’t a question I could answer… so I asked myself what’s the meaning of My life? I realize that’s not something I can answer either? Isn’t your life defined after your death by the people who knew you?

I think the title of that book is true. We can do anything. If you have the freedom and liberty to read this blog post, you have the freedom to create your life.

What is it that you can’t not do?

I can’t not create an OrgNote or another Life Management System…

Also quick update, I just (5 mins ago) imported all pages/posts from my other half-failed blogs…

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Still on it’s own…

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