Good Job GumRoad

Today I bought a bunch of ebooks. And then I had to put them somewhere.

I’ve bought a bunch of digital ebooks in the last few years. I do not know where they are!

So I decided to put it into the one folder, that seems to persist, no matter the years or machine… it’s my DropBox folder…

Man, that folder got some old stuff in it… but everything is still there! (Even a not so complete Books folder)

So I decided to put my purchases in there…

I then decided to find my old digital purchases to put into DropBox as well…

As you can get, most of the download links no longer works… except for one notable exception.

A 3 year old GumRoad download link, still works!

Go GumRoad. Good Job.

(note: the only other one that works was a custom home-grown solution.)