Anker Cables

I’m not sure why this story made it to #1 on HackerNews.

but this comment rings true to me.

It’s about Anker cables.

For some reason the Apple lightning cables are horrible. It cannot withstand the abuse of a 2-year old.

Anker cables are amazing, they last the longest for me. But the best part is their 18 month warranty. That means when you spend the $10, you know you’d at least get 18 month worth.

I’ve had to “cash in” the warranty a couple times, both times it was 100% painless, I do not have to pay for shipping. Zagg invisible shield is horrible for this, I think they offer lifetime warranty? but gotta pay like $5 shipping everytime for a thin piece of plastic.

Anker definitely does it right.

I won’t buy another Lightning cable that isn’t Anker.