Action is required to lead. Bravery. Risk of being wrong. 

If you are scared of being wrong, it makes it harder to be bold. To lead is to be bold. 

Take risks, to risk failur to fail. That’s why leadership is rare. It takes thick skin. It’s scarce. Scarcity is valuable. (Thanks Seth Godin)

Leadership requires bold action more than proper thinking. I think of some natural born leaders I know, they are decisive and make wrong choices. 

I guess I’ve been a follower most of my life. I respect leaders. From my point of view I’d follow leaders I respect, to the grave sometimes. I guess I followed the person not necessarily the direction. 

Leaders tend to act and decide rather than over analyze. 

To decide is to “cut off from”. To cut other options. To be wrong. To eliminate “it depends”. Sigh. 

Leadership is vulnerability. It’s bold and vulnerable. I guess that’s why it’s so powerful. It’s being congruent in the face of uncertainty. 

You can’t be a perfectionist, over-analyzer, over-thinker and be an effective leader. You have to make bold decisions and throw caution to the wind. You gotta go.