Cloud options

What are the current cloud options available (affordable to consumers) today that’s secure?

DropBox – Consumer, syncs folders

Box – Business

Google Drive – Syncs, Consumer, seems like it works like DropBox.

Microsoft OneDrive – Seems pretty cool, consumer based, syncs, cheapest/as cheapest choice. Closely linked with Windows

Apple iCloud Drive – seems hardest to use, tight walled garden, most expensive, closely linked with OSX.


So far DropBox is the only viable option I think… because Google/Microsoft/Apple seems so tied into there ecosystem, I don’t trust they will take impartial care of my data.

You kind of want to know your data is safe, but not get bogged down by bloat, when you use any of the companies other products.

Let’s look at some more.


SpiderOak – interesting. Takes privacy, encryption seriously. Kind of worried that they are a small company, and that they might be too good at keeping your stuff private, they might get shut down. Also I’m worried that if your stuff is so locked down, if you forget your password, you might get locked out of your own stuff. This is probably an unwarranted concern, but a concern nonetheless.

Amazon Cloud Drive – seems pretty cool. Unlimited storage. (is this only for backup of your drives)

This makes me wonder, okay so top choices, DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, they basically backup/syncs your hard drive, so would a Desktop solution make sense?