Genesis Framework

Last night I bought the Genesis Framework with the Parallax Pro child theme.

After over analyzing I finally chose Genesis as I thought it was the rolls-Royce for themes.  My initial reaction was underwhelming. 

I guess I thought there would be more customization. I began to wonder if I should of went with Thesis, or how about Canvas or Warp?

But then I remember why I went with Genesis over Thesis. Better initial design. And this was still true (imho), I just thought they’ll have more customization options. 

I guess it’ll take some work to get the sites to look the way I want. I did discover another “Theme options” panel, which seems like it’s built into WordPress already. So guess I’ll have to work with WordPress as well as Genesis to get the look I want, obviously.  More work ahead. 


A premium WordPress themes framework that I’ve used in the past that offered a wealth of easy customization was ElegantThemes. It had nice widgets to change lots of things like all the colors. I didn’t go with them because it doesn’t seem to have many SaaS web app themes. 

Update (03-25-2015):

I’m really enjoying using Genesis so far. They have an insane amount of 3rd party plugins to enhance your Genesis themed blog. There’s truly an ecosystem behind the Genesis theme. I am glad I went with them.