Businesses serves humans

Lots of SaaS, services other businesses. I was thinking, is all business a multi-level pyramid. Businesses, just helping other businesses “get rich”.

But then I realized all B2B businesses, server businesses that are B2C.

Businesses at the top (or the bottom) always ends up serving customers.

So what do humans need? Why do they buy? Well it’s a separation of concern thing. We buy mostly everything, it’s because our jobs are specialized.

Why do we buy? I think we mostly buy because of:

  1. Survival – gotta eat.
  2. Social pressures – we are social animals, got to keep up with the Joneses. This is for social status, which boils down to sex. Survival.
  3. Energy conservation – we buy things that increases our productivity (more output for less energy/time.) This could fall into survival.
  4. Pleasure, boredom. Our mind wanders, with all this free time. Entertainment.

So basically humans buy for survival, and entertainment.

All businesses serve our needs for survival and entertainment.

Art Perfect Code

Code, math, perfection. Inside out. Beauty on the outside as well as the inside. Broad strokes.

I heard stories of the Mac inventors, autographing the inside of their innovative machine. How the inside was just as important as the outside.

I feel like, there’s warts. There’s always warts. There might not be a thing as perfect art. What’s perfect? Nothing is perfect.

Maybe perfection is a work in progress.


I’ve been angry a lot lately. Over the last few weeks, it felt like it had consumed me.

It didn’t use to be this way. It was easy to slip into obsessive thoughts. Feelings of being wronged, how things are unfair.

Being hangry (hungry+angry) and stressed doesn’t help.

But anger is consuming. My personality anger doesn’t serve me well regularly. It can destroy all the good things.

Tips for overcoming anger that has helped me overcome.

The most important thing is to leave. Change your environment and focus. Don’t throw things.

Focus & Opportunities

I have to focus. So many cool potential paths. Have to focus, one thing first, one thing at a time.

An advice I got from some book I forgot:

“You can get everything you want, but not necessarily at the same time.”

So pace yourself.


Happy New Year!

I wanted to write something. Less Focus is more important now than ever. With the constant false values of everyday life. Media and material driven.

I’m reading (audible) great book right now called “Lost Connections” by Johann Hari. I found this via Blinkist.

The book is about depression, why we get depressed, and how to get happy again.

The fact that I’m reading a book about depression, goes to show you what the end of 2018 has been like. Really Q4 2018 (I think my mind works better in quarters.)

My TalkSpace counselor says that holidays are a stressful time for a lot people. Sage words.

This brings me back to Less Focus.

When There’s too much going on, when you feel overwhelmed, most likely you are spending too much time, energy, resources on the wrong things.

You need to do less. You need to focus on the things that matter. You need to focus on emptiness. You need that peace of impermanence.

My 2019 brings lots of joy to you and yours. It’s the start of your brand new life.